If you dont have it see following the tutorial here. This custom firmware works for both PSP fat phat 1. Slim PSP series 2.

Nom: firmware 3.90
Format:Fichier D’archive
Licence:Usage personnel seulement (acheter plus tard!)
Système d’exploitation: iOS. Windows XP/7/10. MacOS. Android.
Taille:44.72 Megabytes

Slim PSP series 2.

Installation du Custom Firmware 3.90 M33, des mises à jour et du kernel 1.50 V2.0

Slim PSP. Follow these steps carefully and everything will be alright, as it flashes your psp it does have a very minimal risk, nothing to worry about if all the steps are followed correctly.

Also dont forget to enter your email ID and subscribe to my feed see left lt. Bookmark Subscribe to this site titleTutorial 1 Format your psp make sure you back up your files first go to system settings and choose format memorystick and connect it to your PC.

Formatting is not compulsory but recommended.

Make sure your battery is 1. Download the 3. Open it with Win.

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RAR not winzip if you dont have Win. Rar download it from here. Important step After copying the files, Go to you recovery mode if you dont know how see the video here Choose configuration Game folder homebrew and set to 3.

Then Done. Download firmware psp 3 Les exportateurs qui n'utilisent pas la bonne version pourraient se voir imposer une sanction administrative pécuniaire SAP. Exporters who do not use the correct version could be subject to an Administrative Monetary Penalty. Tu n'as pas la bonne version de l'histoire.

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The error message tell you what is missing.

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3.90 M33 Easy Installation Pack

Merci de télécharger et d'installer la dernière version d'Adobe Reader à partir de. You are using an older version of the software. Forms submitted using unsupported version of Adobe software will be ineligible.

Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader from. Skype ne peut être utilisé sur la version PSP Slim firmware 3. Skype just can be use on PSP Slim firmware version 3.

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