Plus qu'un smartphone Avec les Galaxy S7 et S7 edge, nous avons transformé la manière de vivre et partager vos meilleures expériences. Plongez dans une toute nouvelle dimension et dépassez vos limites. Galaxy S7 Les Galaxy S7 et S7 edge repoussent les limites en associant le meilleur du design et des fonctionnalités.

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All eyes are on Samsung's latest smartphones, and while the S7 Edge has most of the attention, the smaller standard S7 is just as stellar a smartphone as its brother. The second of two models released in the Galaxy S7 range for the first half of , the Comfortable design; Glass body makes the phone feel soft and elegant; Water resistance returns to the Samsung Galaxy range!

Slick performance with little-to-no lag; A screen you can read in direct sunlight; Expandable storage means more space for files a Can be slippery; Fingerprint magnet, just like its sibling; Soft buttons below the screen don't always work properly; Always-on screen can't be customised remarkably; Samsung's Galaxy range has been running for seven years, and that is seven years that Samsung has been well and truly trying to take on Apple's iPhone.

We've certainly seen some great phones over the years, but this year's range well and truly takes the ca Here's my review of Samsung's latest smartphone! Watch the video above for more info on its amazing camera, virtual reality, and other hot features. Of course, the iPhone 6S will inevitably be replaced by the iPhone 7 later this year, but it still means there will be several months of stiff competition between the two phones before Apple takes the 6S out of commission.

Until then, we've put together a The two flagships face off in 's biggest phone fight so far It's easy to see why the tech industry stops and pays attention to Samsung's smartphone rollout every year.

After the release of the Galaxy S5 , Samsung shifted its focus towards design in order to compete with Apple's perennially-beautiful iPhone. This c The Galaxy S7 doesn't take any risks, and it's certainly not built around a single idea, like the Nextbit Robin , for example.

Instead, it's built to perform at the highest level in every capacity, whether in design or performance. Samsung didn't revo With plenty of other improvements, including a faster processor and a better camera, the S7 really is a big step up from the S6.

In this article, I'm going to help you work out if it's a big enough improvement to make it worth upgrading to from the S6. While it's true that smartphones are kind of passé by now, I still get impressed when I hold a really nice one in my hand.

Samsung's newest, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge —the one with the curved screen—are definitely impressive. They are easily the South Kore It seems like only yesterday that we saw Samsung unveil the Samsung Galaxy S6 — but 12 months have indeed flown by, and once again Samsung have taken centre stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with their latest flagships: the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Samsung fucks up.

A lot. Snooping smart TVs, insane VR demos — you name it. Even its most cherished gadget — the Galaxy smartphone — has seen its share of flaws. But with the seventh iteration of the Galaxy S, Samsung inches ever closer to a perfect smart For Samsung, it is the right product coming out at just the right time, and a huge play for them to While it is great that Samsung's responded to user's outcry and returned microSD storage and water resistance, it failed to resurrect the IR Blaster which enabled older devices to serve as universal remote controls for TVs, cable boxes and other appliance Samsung's been on a roll of late.

The S6, while it wasn't a commercial success, was universally praised , and the Gear S2 smartwatch was rather good as well. With that in mind, we waited with baited breath at MWC , eagerly anticipating the company's latest Premium glass and metal design, Vivid screen, Outstanding camera It's not the S7 Edge, Fingerprints everywhere It's premium waterproof build, outstanding camera, great battery life and class-leading specs make this the best Android smartphone you can get right now.

It does have a few negative p It's pretty difficult to impress a keen-eyed tech lover in We demand the best of everything; the sharpest screens, heavy-duty processing, the fastest, sharpest camera: all in a handset no thicker than a small stack of credit cards. And yet, despite We're just months into and already the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the phone to beat.

And yet, it's hard to imagine that any of these other Samsung's new S7 series, the 5. It is too early to do a full review — Australian journalists only recei It is too early to do a full review — Australian journ For several years the benchmark for smartphones was the Apple iPhone, today that has changed with the release of the new Galaxy S7 by Samsung. The new S7 and S7 Edge aren't hugely different from last year's Galaxy S6 pair - in fact, they look almost i Samsung hasn't reinvented itself with the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but it has produced a pair of very fine handsets, even if Australia doesn't get the fastest possible models.

Over at finder. Well, those days are over. The Galaxy S Our favourite phone from last year, but even better.

The Galaxy S7 is straight up brilliant The new S7 and S7 Edge aren't hugely different from last year's Galaxy S6 pair - in fact, they look almost identical but if you look closer you suddenly realise that there is a world of difference. The S7 Edge, has in in fact undergone some dramatic chang The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is out tomorrow, in electronics stores all across Australia. What do you get for all that money? Are they worth it?

Yes, they're worth it. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are a pa Yeah, you should. I would. Samsung has successfully hit on and addressed so many of the annoying small problems with its previous phones. It's powerful and snappy enough that Samsung's traditionally laggy and heavy-weighted TouchWiz interface gets out of Samsung's dual-flagship strategy is now in full force, with the launch of both a regular Samsung Galaxy S7 and a larger SGS7 edge model.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is very much the headline hog, with its dual curved edges and larger display it's the hero Great camera experience, good battery performance, microSD slot, refined design and build with waterproofing TouchWiz is over the top, prone to fingerprint smears, will always sit in the shadow of the SGS7 edge The Samsung Galaxy S7 has quite a challenge ahead of it. Born with a bigger and better looking sibling device, the S7 edge, the regular model is likely to be a phone that fights for its place in the spotlight.

It continues Samsung's great design re Some think UK consumers are getting a raw deal, but actually, the choice It's spring, and that means there's a new flagship Samsung phone. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have arrived, and they will likely serve as a hint for what's coming to Android phones in Neither of them reinvent the wheel from a design perspective Gorgeous, waterproof, design, Better battery life than Galaxy S6, Camera shoots better in low light, focuses faster, Micro SD card slot, Powerful Snapdragon processor Carrier locked with carrier bloatware, All-glass design is fingerprint magnet, Prone to glass cracking, expensive to repair The Galaxy S7 looks fantastic and is more comfortable to hold than the Galaxy S6 was last year.

We're very impressed with Samsung's new camera, increased battery capacity, accessories, and waterproof design. Those benefits come on top of an industry-lea One thing is clear about Samsung's latest Galaxy flagship smartphones: is a year of iteration for the company.

At first glance, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge look nearly identical to their predecessors, the S6 and S6 edge, but given the warm reception Sam One of the most powerful smartphones on the market, Stellar camera with fast autofocus, Impressive battery life, Size differentiation between S7 and S7 edge targets different users TouchWiz still features strange design decisions, Expensive, even on a 2year plan, Iterative update over the S6 this means it might not appeal to S6 and S6 edge owners Samsung seems to have improved and further refined the design elements it introduced with the S6 series and returned requested features like water resistance plus the ability to add up to GB microSD storage.

Both devices will ship with a standard stor It has been a long journey for Samsung. Their Galaxy S series of phones have seen more transformation over the years than flagships from other manufacturers and although they have sometimes gotten it wrong, with the Galaxy S7 range, Samsung have slayed so Fingerprint sensor prone to misfires, Adoptive storage does not work, Alwayson display irritating Exynos or Snapdragon, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a solid handset.

The water-proof feature that we last saw on the Galaxy S5 is back and so are the stars on m This year's MWC conference in Barcelona was unusually interesting: alongside the more predictable iterative upgrades to flagship models there was some genuine and truly exciting innovation in handsets and their accessories.

For a good illustration, look The Samsung Galaxy S7 release is probably Samsung and Apple remain key competitors in the smartphone market, and the battle for best phone in on following MWC See also: Best smartphones Note: Before w The iPhone may be a thing of wonder, but the best Android phones now match it for build quality and beauty. For several generations now, Samsung's flagship Galaxy range has been among the Android phones to beat, with a slim and stylish chassis, fantastic Samsung's new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices won't be available to customers until March 11 but Tech Guide has already had a thorough hands-in look at the two devices at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Right from the moment you lay eyes on the smart It's where the world's carriers meet infrastructure vendors and telecom ministers, and Very Serious Business takes place. Handset makers fr Three big companies, three flagship phones, three very different target markets and design theories. The company is both aiming at the general smartphone market as it's evolved and ho These small tweaks included the addition of a microSD slot, a With smartphone sales consistently waning over the last few years, LG and Samsung have adopted two decidedly different strategies when it comes to vying for consumer attention at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

One is safe, iterative, and will lik The 5. I sighed when I first saw the Samsung Galaxy S7 — it looks just like its predecessor, and yet again I was going to have to dig deep inside to find out whether the new features mean the new phone is worth the extra money it will cost to choose it over Improved battery, Stronger camera, Always on display looks great A strong showing again from Samsung, with a number of potentially important upgrades - but it's a shame the design looks so similar to the S It's been a good 12 months for Samsung Mobile.

After a few hit and miss years of uninspiring design and gimmicky software, the launch of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at MWC felt like the turning point when everything fell into place. It saw the company Music could have a touch more drive After such a big jump in design last year, we're not surprised to see Samsung stick to its guns and make a series of refinements to the S7's look and feel rather than go for headline-grabbing changes.

The fact is, those small tweaks all come together to ma On first glance, you'd be hard picked to tell the Galax Fingerprint magnet, TouchWiz still has some quirks, Poor speakers Some felt it was fine, but it would barely ever get me through a full day of use. That's just not acceptable. Thankfully, that isn't an issue this time around. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to be one of the hottest items on this year's release calendar, following the highly praised Galaxy S6. But how does it stack up against the latest in long-time rival Sony's Xperia range, the Xperia Z5?

We face them off agai However, the Galaxy S7 is like the iPhone 6S was to the iPhone 6, offering a few incremental updates that the firm hopes will make a big difference The Galaxy S7 might be the closest we've come yet to the perfect smartphone. That's a big claim, and one we won't confirm until we've tested the device fully, but it's hard to criticise, despite Samsung's questionable software choices, and offers most, if The Samsung Galaxy S6 range was wildly popular, but that didn't stop many long-time Sammy smartphone fans from grumbling.

While the S6 jettisoned cheap-feeling plastic in favour of more premium-feeling materials, it also did away with the micro SD slot an And then there were two. Contrary to some rumours suggesting Samsung would be releasing a triad of new smartphones, the company has narrowed it down to a duo in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Coinciding with its now predictable launch schedule for new de Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy S7 flagship smartphones, bringing back favourite features as it aims to close out the top-end of the Android market.

The wait is over, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is here and, on first impressions at least, it's shaping up as another smartphone triumph for Apple's chief rival.

More of a reincarnated, improved Galaxy S6 than a completely new device in its own right, the S7 is d After this, Samsung got the message. Change - big change - was needed.

Samsung pulled out all the stops for "Project Zero" and introduced the Galaxy S6 series. This was much better received by reviewers and considered something of a landmark due to its me Following earlier estimates from both industry analysts and Samsung itself for the firm's Q2 performance, the firm has now revealed actual sales, revenue, and profit figures in its latest earnings report.

It's that time of year where we have both Apple and Samsung flagship phones available to buy, but which is better? There's only one way to find out and that's our iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 comparison review. See also: Best phone Read our full Although the iPhone 7 has some improvements on its predecessor like the better camera, it's not much of an upgrade at all and at a higher price than before.

Add in that a lot of people will find the lack of a headphone jack a real pain, the Galaxy S7 pr The S7 Edge has a 5. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an excellent smartphone, which has been refined over the years, with improvements made in the smartphone, as well as improvements made in the camera, every year. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the best cameras on a smartphone av With the Galaxy S7 announced, it has become a pattern that sometimes what is announced in the iPhone will be available in the next Galaxy flagship.

But this time, Samsung went ahead of the competition with their smashing innovations or rather refinement i We've been continuously using Samsung's Galaxy S7 since it was announced two weeks ago and we've been impressed with the phone so far. It may look a lot like the previous generation, but in truth it's a whole new beast on the inside. Today we're sharing w Samsung's newest Galaxy handset is here and seems like the Korean-giant has listened to the clamor of its fans as the new flagship smartphone has all the goodies of its predecessor with added features to make it one of the best Androids in the market.

With all the refinements done to the Galaxy S7 that the S6 lacks, Samsung's game in this age is to put all the features in a simply packaged handset.


Adding water-resistance, storage expansion, and bigger battery is a good move before deviating from the a Samsung's newest flagship looks a lot like the phone released last year, and while many readers are peeved at the Korean company for the iterative look of the Galaxy S7, we're more inclined to cut them a little slack.

It takes a lot of time and money to d We've been using the Galaxy S7 since its announcement in Mobile World Congress, and we've been loving our time with it so far. Don't let its familiar looks fool you — it's a whole new beast on the inside. While it falls short of our expectations in batter All of these qualities I received an email earlier from Samsung Philippines that they are going to retrieve the evaluation unit I'm using.

I didn't expect to enjoy it so much and I couldn't bring myself to go back to my now old Galaxy S6. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a worthy upgra Don't be disappointed when you look at Samsung's newest phone. Boring, r The Galaxy S7 is Samsung's best phone yet, and easily a strong contender for the best phone available today. If you want an Android phone and don't mind spending a lot of cash you can get a lot of great Android phones for about half the price of the S With the Singapore variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 arriving at our office, we took it upon ourselves to see the difference in photo quality and camera performance between the new flagship and the Samsung Galaxy S6 , which received outstanding praise for We're elbow deep into our full review of Samsung's newest flagship, the Galaxy S7, and while we're not quite done yet, today we're sharing some shots direct from the camera taken in very challenging low light.

Samsung's quite proud of the new, Dual Pixel As expected, initial impressions with the device are not refreshing since it's basically a polished Galaxy S6 plus the request of consumers to brin The Galaxy S7 still wowed the crowd despite the leaked images. Not much in terms of secrets was spared.

But despite all that, Samsung came out with one heck of a device. Let's take a quick hands-on review of the Galaxy S7. Before we proceed any further, le New year, new flagships from Samsung. We predicted that Samsung will most likely launch two variants of the Galaxy S7 at their Unpacked event. And that's exactly what the Korean electronics giant has done. Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsu This year's Mobile World Congress has just kicked off, but already it's looking to be a heated battle between two South Korean giants who are going toe-to-toe with their newly-launched smartphones, the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Here's a quick look at th Samsung built a lot of momentum with their recent flagship releases, starting with the S6 and S6 Edge. The new phones signaled a new design direction for the company — though at the expense of some of the features that made the S series great. While Samsu Unlike previous phones in the S series where Samsung has packed as many new features as it could think of, with the Galaxy S7, Samsung has worked on tweaking, refini Extremely sensitive touch screen, Only 32GB internal storage, Fingerprint sensor not as fast or accurate as iPhone 6s Off the back of the terrible reception of the Galaxy S5 in , Samsung had been backed into a corner, and it knew the only way out was to go back to the drawing board with what w To help you out, we've added a concise analysis to the tail end of this review, comparing the On The firm also used nicely specced Super AMOLED display panels, and was one of only a select few to use this technology; sure, it wasn't as fully fledged as it would later become, but was still quite compelling.

But despite all of this I'd always hated a fe What can I say? A tremendously pleasing smartphone to use. It's been a while since I test-drove something I didn't want to give back, but the Galaxy S7 fits into that category quite comfortably. It looks sharp, feels reassuringly expensive and robust in th The Samsung Galaxy S7 finds itself in a slightly tricky situation.

Samsung needed a big win from the Galaxy S6 in , which it got after reinventing the design of its flagship smartphone, but you're not going to get the same degree of evolution again ju The design may not look all that different, but I love how the Galaxy S7 sits in the palm.

It's comfortable to hold, and the curved edges and reduced width means it's easier to use one-handed, Samsung has refined the design from the S6 in all the right wa Very little, if I'm honest. The cost is high, but that's to be expected. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a top smartphone, and its price tag reflects the going rate for such a device in the current market, There are Chinese manufacturers making phones with flags The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a worthy recipient of a five-star techradar review.

That's no easy feat — only a handful But with the seventh iteration the Galaxy S, Samsung inches ever closer to a perfect smartph It is this time of the year when Samsung unveils its latest flagship smartphone. Every time a new Galaxy S device is being unveiled, there are debates about its design and specs.

Samsung has been making flagship smartphone out of plastic build but last ye It is always fun to review Samsung's newest flagship especially when you try out some of the new features. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7, we've seen these features on past models like the fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and all the gestures Remember when the Samsung Galaxy S7 was that hot topic everyone was talking about?

Well, those days are behind us - the phone-making machine has rolled forward and the Galaxy S8 is the new talk of the town. But is the Galaxy S8 really worth the upgrade? Apple's new iPhone 7 has been announced and we can now compare its feature set with that of its nemesis: the Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung has a five-month head The camera featured on Samsung's flagship duo is capable of an amazing performance in practically every shooting environment.

The Dual Pixel Sensor boasts 12 megapixels with extended size that speed up the process of autofocusing using phase detection. But everyone is sort of overlooking the important part of this story: the Galaxy S8 is still coming, and it is still expected to go on sale in April.

Nop-one has said otherwise. Also see Samsung has lost an awful lot of money over the Note 7, and more importantly it has lost consumer trust. It has no option but to come back fighting with the Galaxy S8, and for that reason alone it's likely to be an incredible upgrade.

There may be some fr The Samsung Galaxy S7 isn't a huge upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy S6 , but Samsung has done the most important thing: it has listened to its fans on the things that matter, then focused solely on those.

In this article we'll explain what is the differenc We really don't believe the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the minor update many are billing it as - Samsung has looked at the features real users want and need, and thus made a good thing a lot better.

However, if waterproofing, expandable storage and improved bat Here we look at the main differences between the S7 and S7 Edge. So there you have it: the S7 Edge differs from the standard Galaxy S7 with its larger, dual-edge screen, higher-capacity battery and extra colour option. It sounds great, but the cheaper price and smaller dimensions of the standard Samsung Galaxy S7 may m The Galaxy S8 is here, so is a Galaxy S7 worth buying in ?

The answer is yes, but with caveats. The Samsung Galaxy S7 was a beast of a smartphone on its re There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a better phone than the S6 — its camera and performance are both better; in some respects battery life is superior, and the return of storage expansion and disaster-proofing is a massive bonus.

Should I upgrade to the new one or wait? Is the S8 worth the extra money? If you're asking the same The Sony Xperia XZ won't need to do much to impress coming hot on the heels of two disappointing entries from the f If you missed it, our original Galaxy S7 review can be found here. OnePlus just upped the stakes with a more expensive, upgraded version of its OnePlus 3.

But should you buy a OnePlus 3T? Is it better than a Samsung Galaxy S7? We help you answer some of these questions by comparing their prices, specs and features in ou We think the S7 is worth the extra if you'll use the extra features it offers o Well…they are more of a refinement of their best strengths and of course some inheritance to the late Galaxy Note 7. Here is a side to side specifications dif There's little doubt that Samsung has been on to a good thing with its Galaxy range of smartphones.

For a number of years now the Galaxy S range has been incredibly popular with consumers and reviewers alike, starting with the original Galaxy S in an Wallet pain: These phones are very expensive, The Always On display is neat, but could be way more useful, The IR blaster is gone, no more controlling the TV, MicroSD support is great, but there's no adoptable storage here The Galaxy S7 range is what last year's Galaxy S6 range should've been.

Everything that was wrong has been fixed, and everything missing has been added back in. Sometimes writing a conclusion is hard, and in the case of a recent review ahem, the Xperia Z Primarily from what it looks like, the Galaxy S7 can indeed be the o Today the phone you carry says something about you, it is an extension of yourself and in some cases can dictate what you can and can't do.

The phone is the hub of our social life, it is becoming more and more the controller of our homes and is the entry The seventh generation Galaxy from Samsung is a great looking device, and if you think the S7 looks great, the S7 Edge looks fantastic and is easily Samsung's best version yet.

One of the massive benefits of buying a Samsung device over another branded phone, is its ability to deliver you a VR experience with GearVR. If you're in the Android camp already and considering a phone upgrade, you'd be crazy not to have this phone on y Note: This article was first published on 8th March. While they may look similar to their pr OverviewIf you thought the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were great smartphones, you'd be delighted to know that Samsung one-upped itself with the brand new Galaxy S This price criteria means that our list includes new phones that fit the price bracket, but also flagships from the past year o Samsung's Galaxy S7 smartphones contain a microchip security flaw, uncovered earlier this year, that put tens of millions of devices at risk to hackers looking to spy on their users, researchers told Reuters.

Heimdall : logiciel de mises à jour pour smartphone Samsung sous Android

The Galaxy 7 and other smartphones made by Sa The device is also taller and wider than before, but not nearly as much as you might expect. And if you want to Het was lang wikken en wegen. Ruim 2 jaar geleden een LG G2 gekocht en sindsdien bijzonder tevreden met de smartphone. Ik zou 't zelfs de beste smartphone die ik ooit in bezit heb gehad willen noemen.

Al had de telefoon ook zeker wat minpunten, maar gezi Goede all-round telefoon, maar gezien de prijs zijn er, mits je minder brede wensen hebt, vast betere alternatieven waar je flink wat centen mee bespaard. Als prijs geen rol speelt een no-brainer gezien de gebrekkige concurrentie op "echt all-round top" n We hebben de Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge al eerder besproken. Omdat de Samsung Galaxy S7 nog niet aan de beurt was gekomen, ga Ontwerp, Prestaties, Beste achtercamera, scherm, software biedt leuke functies Batterij is niet top, TouchWiz Toen we hierboven zeiden dat Samsung goed werk heeft afgeleverd, bedoelden we niet dat ze alleen goed werk hebben afgeleverd met de camera van de Galaxy S7.

Nee, de hele smartphone is op en top high-end. We zouden je het toestel dan ook direct aanrade Nieuwe oorden opzoeken? Sneller SoC, grotere batterij, betere camera, hoogwaardig scherm en uitstekend design. De S-klasse van Samsung staat voor uitmuntendheid en onze verwachtingen staan dan ook hoog gespannen. In de meeste gevallen worden deze ook inge TouchWiz maakt niet gebruik van alle features van Android 6.

De Galaxy S7 is moeilijk te onderscheiden van zijn voorganger. Het camoufleert dat de smartphone veel meer in z'n mars heeft, want onder de uiterlijke schoonheid is de S7 bewapend met beestachtig goede camera.

Toen Samsung in de Galaxy S6 aankondigde Samsung heeft zich qua hardware ontzettend uitgesloofd met de Galaxy S7 edge. Het design, de camera, het scherm, de accuduur en de rekenkracht zijn ongeëvenaard van wat we tot nu toe in een smartphone tegen zijn gekomen. Alleen is het toch weer TouchWiz d Een nieuw jaar betekent weer een nieuwe flagship-smartphone van Samsung.

De Samsung Galaxy S7 pakt veel minpunten van zijn voorganger aan, maar hoe zit het eigenlijk met de camera? In dit artikel gaan we daar uitgebreid op in.

Naast de snellere hardware, h De Galaxy S7 is op meerdere punten beter dan de S6, maar het is ook weer net niet de perfecte smartphone die het had kunnen zijn. Hoe innoveer je in een smartphonemarkt die zo verzadigd is dat niemand meer onder de indruk is van het aantal processorkernen De Samsung Galaxy S7 slechts een kopie van zijn voorganger? Welnee: met een waterdichte behuizing, grotere accu en Dual Pixel-camera zijn er tal van verbeteringen.

Het zal de smartphoneliefhebber niet ontgaan zijn dat Samsung enkele weken geleden de Galaxy S7 en S7 Edge officieel heeft aangekondigd. Wij hebben er eerder al een hands-on over gepubliceerd, maar hebben nu ook de kans gehad om enige tijd met de toeste Opvallend is dat er bij het Edge-model is gekozen voor is gekozen om hem groter te maken dan zijn niet-Edge tegenhanger. In het algemeen vinden we de S7-modellen net Samsung p Zeer goede camera, Water- en stofdicht, Lange accuduur, Scherm van hoge kwaliteit, Erg snel Snel vlekkende en fragiele achterkant, Geen 'adoptable storage' Samsungs topsmartphone van is in zekere zin een 2.

Zo is er geschaafd aan het uiterlijk en is de telefoon waterdicht, wat bijzo Op papier pakken de Galaxy S7 en S7 Edge de belangrijkste minpunten van hun voorgangers aan. In hoeverre de nieuwe vlaggenschepen van Samsung daarin slagen, lees je in deze review. De Samsung Galaxy S7 en S7 Edge lossen de meeste minpunten van hun voorgangers op en brengen bovendien een aantal subtiele, maar belangrijke verbeteringen. Zo is de behuizing stof- en waterbestendig, steekt de cameralens nauwelijks meer uit, is de opslagr Op 21 februari heeft Samsung de nieuwste telg van de Galaxy S serie aangekondigd: de S7.

Deze telefoon moet de uitstekende Galaxy S6 opvolgen, wat een hele opgave is door de goede ervaringen met laatstgenoemde. BehuizingSamsung heeft sinds de Goede batterijduur en oplaadtijd, Sterke behuizing, Prachtig scherm, IP68 waterdicht, Extern geheugen Daartegenover staan het ontbreken va Veel van de smartphones die dit jaar worden gelanceerd, zijn voorzien van een grotendeels metalen behuizing. Laatstgenoemde is in tegenstelling tot Op het gebied van specs ontlopen de Galaxy S7 en LG G5 elkaar nauwelijks en beide toestellen maken een goede eerste indruk.

De Galaxy S7 is een fijne verbetering van de S6, met een waterbestendige behuizing, micro-sd-ondersteuning, vernieuwd design en kra De Galaxy S7 is een van de topmodellen smartphones van We probeerden Samsungs nieuwe vlaggenschip na de presentatie in Barcelona. Voorganger Galaxy S6 is belangrijk geweest voor Samsung.

Het toestel was niet het verkoopsucces waar het Zuid-Koreaanse De presentatie van een nieuw toestel in de Samsung Galaxy S-lijn is de hoogmis van het voorjaar voor smartphoneliefhebbers. Wij hebben vorige week al even kunnen spelen met de vanavond aangekondigde Galaxy S7 en S7 Edge, en vertellen in deze preview ove Beide smartphones vallen - uiteraard - in het hoogste segment, zowel qua specificaties als qua prijs.